XTube Closing on September 5, 2021

XTube shutting down after over 13 years

MindGeek-owned tube site XTube is shutting down on September 5, 2021. The news was publicly announced on Twitter by anti-porn crusader Laila Mickelwait, and was confirmed by a statement uploaded to XTube. Uploading was disabled on July 5, and all content will be removed on September 5. Downloads have also been disabled. Customers with paid memberships will be billed through August 5, but will retain access until September 5. All balances owed to performers and studios will be paid out by September 16, 2021. Performers and studios who choose to remove their accounts and content prior to September 5 will not receive their final payouts.

Tube Sites

Why are Tube Sites important?

Tube sites get more traffic than any other form of adult website out there. Not only do they rank highly in search engines, but there’s also tons of users going directly to the sites daily and browsing content. There’s also tons of webmasters across the internet featuring tube content on their sites. This is a great way to gain valuable exposure for your content and your services. Many of the sites also offer revshare programs that get producers paid!

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