WCSU News Retiring – Aerie and Katy Start New Website “AdultModelMentors”

WCSU News and Webcam Startup retire to pave way for new website “AdultModelMentors”

You may have noticed that Webcam Startup and WCSU News haven’t had new posts recently and if you don’t follow Aerie Saunders (the CEO of Webcam Startup and WCSU News) or Katy Churchill (Staff News Writer of Webcam Startup and WCSU News) on Twitter then you probably have no idea why the posts have stopped. In short, due to the business partnership between Aerie and the founder of Webcam Startup, the server access was limited and upon her taking majority ownership she was not given the essential information needed to keep the site operational and properly manage server issues. Unfortunately, this ultimately led to the decision to retire her activity on the sites because they couldn’t be relied upon for stability. The Aerie and Katy love saga couldn’t come to an end simply due to that! They took to their keyboards to create something they both wanted to work on together, Adult Model Mentors.

What is Adult Model Mentors?

Adult Model Mentors is a website dedicated to providing the same helpful informative blogs that Webcam Startup had, with important news like WCSU News provided, but directly from performers with no other outside involvement. You can also purchase consultations with Aerie or Katy about camming, marketing, fanclubs, clip creation, and much more.