WCSU Webinar Episode 9: Stop Internet Sexual Exploitation Act (SISEA)

Welcome back to the Webcam Startup Webinar!

We are on to episode 9 of the Webcam Startup Webinar, and for this episode we will be delving into current news regarding the Stop Internet Sexual Exploitation Act (SISEA) which was proposed by senators Merkley and Sasse with the intention of helping to cut down on revenge porn and child pornography cases online. Unfortunately the strange language in the law seems to only bring harm to the legal adult community as well as possibly endanger minors. The team will be discussing the dangers of SISEA, how you can get into contact with your senators regarding SISEA if you are interested in helping to stop it, as well as discussing the “war on porn” which is happening outside of SISEA and discuss some of the similarities between SISEA and SESTA/FOSTA and why realistically SISEA may be more dangerous than people may think.

Learn more: The “Stop Internet Sexual Exploitation Act” (SISEA) has received negative responses from adult industry members and professionals

Contact Jeff Merkley – You can tweet Jeff at @SenJeffMerkley. You can also reach out to Jeff on Facebook. There is also a contact form on his website.

Contact Ben Sasse – You can reach Ben Sasse through the contact form on his website.

When contacting Merkley or Sasse make sure you clearly indicate the problems you have with the “Stop Internet Sexual Exploitation Act,” some examples include: language that is contradictory to federal laws that could potentially endanger minors, unclear definitions of what qualifies as pornographic content which could negatively impact many communities, creating legal loopholes that devalue federal laws and rulings, creating retroactive laws that are not able to be properly upheld, delegating child pornography and revenge porn laws to a state level rather than a federal level, concerns over pornographic content no longer being available for download, legal adult workers being negatively impacted by the vague nature of the wording.

Find and Contact Your Senator – Ask your senators to speak out and vote against SISEA. You can find your senators and their websites here.

Spread Awareness Online – Many people do not realize how damaging laws like this can be until they are enacted and begin to make changes, stop the problem BEFORE it happens by spreading awareness about the negative things SISEA could cause. Post to social media, create blog posts, and tag your states legal representatives.

Additional Resources regarding SISEA and how to stop it!

Adult Industry Laborers and Artists S.5054 Information Campaign – Contains information about SISEA and more contact information for Senate Committee Members likely to hear our concerns.
The legal stuff – The entire act that you can read and fact check.
Send a message using ResistBot – Clicking the link will take you to Twitter where you will provided ResistBot with your information and they will contact your senators for you!