WCSU Webinar: Episode 7

Webcam Startup Webinar Episode 7: Private Sites, Customer Service, and Adult Ads

Welcome back to the Webcam Startup Webinar taking place on December 1st at 4pm PT / 7pm ET. The WCSU Webinar is an adult industry webinar fueled by voices of the industry to discuss what’s trending, important topics, and more.

Are private only sites dying?

Privates are available on almost every site but are sites that only offer private shows holding their own in the competitive world of freemium cam sites? The team will discuss if they believe private sites are able to compete with freemium and token based websites, as well as recommend private based sites or private based camming styles that can help models who prefer private shows.

The value of good customer service in the adult industry

In any industry, good customer service will leave a lasting impression on consumers. The team will discuss ideas for providing good customer service, ways to ensure customers will want to return, and ways to still provide good service without too much extra work on the performers end.
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Should solo performers consider buying adult ads?

The team will discuss if buying ads from adult advertisement networks is beneficial and why it does or does not convert well as well as how to set up your ad purchases for success.