WCSU Webinar: Episode 6

Webcam Startup Webinar: Episode 6

Welcome back to the Webcam Startup Webinar taking place on November 15th at 3pm PT / 6pm ET. The WCSU Webinar is an adult industry webinar fueled by voices of the industry to discuss what’s trending, important topics, and more.

Episode 6 Topics

  • How to Keep Steady Income when You Can’t Work – The team will discuss their tips for staying online and earning even when you are unable to physically work. With flu season and COVID upon us, the thought of getting sick can become a major stressor for adult performers because the industry doesn’t come with sick leave. Staying healthy is important and having a plan for if you do become sick or injured can help ease the stress and support faster healing without having to push yourself and going in unplanned.
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  • Are interactive toys worth the hype? It seems like interactive toys are inescapable when you scroll through a cam site, but are they really worth the hype? Do they feel good or are they a gimmick? Let’s discuss.
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