WCSU Webinar: Episode 5

Webcam Startup Webinar Episode 5

Welcome back to the Webcam Startup Webinar! On episode 5 we will be covering a lot of topics, so get ready to dive right in!

IndieBill closing, good alternatives, what makes a good indie site?

With IndieBill closing, it may be hard for performers to find a new platform to achieve high payout. The team will discuss alternatives and what criteria make an indie site desirable to performers.
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“I’m ready to sell feet pics, where do I start?”

So you’ve heard of the fun and profitable world of feet pics and you’re ready to become a millionaire using 300×300 pixelated images of your toes? The team will be discussing the “trendy idea” of feet pics, how to actually generate income in the foot fetish niche, and debunk some common myths about getting rich quick on foot pics.