WCSU Webinar: Episode 4

Webcam Startup Webinar: Episode 4

Welcome back to the WCSU Webinar, we will be going live October 1st, 2020 at 3pm PT / 6pm ET.

Picking promos to participate in

The team will discuss how to decide what promotional type events to participate in based on if it benefits the model or the site, some tips for promoting yourself on-site, and how things that may not seem like promotions actually are!

The cost of high payouts

We will discuss why indie sites can afford to payout higher and why sites that invest in traffic don’t, as well as other things that can eat away at the final payout for models and how to decide where to upload your videos based on payout percentages and your individual needs.

Battle of the token sites

Which token site is the best? The team will discuss token based sites they think are doing amazing, sites that could use improvement, and talk about the best features on our favorite sites.