WCSU Webinar Episode 10: Surprisingly Successful Niches, Crypto (Dogecoin!) and Social Media Censorship

Welcome to the “last” WCSU Webinar, episode 10!

Unfortunately due to continued censorship of adult industry resources, the webinar is taking a break for an indefinite amount of time. Our last webinar couldn’t be live due to the censorship struggles, but we still wanted to spend one last time with you discussing important industry things!

Surprisingly Successful Niches

The team discusses surprisingly successful niches that new members of the adult industry may not be familiar with and want to do some research on. From farts to the vampire fetish, there are tons of surprising fetishes that can make you a lot of money or get you a lot of new fans! The team provides tips on finding new successful niches to try as well.

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Crypto, stocks, and the porn industry

With Pornhub adding Dogecoin as a payout option, it is very clear that crypto is making a home in the porn industry as a valuable currency. The team discusses their opinions on getting payments or accepting tips in crypto, and how the crypto and stock industry impacts the adult industry.

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Where will porn live when we’re banned from social media?

Social media continues to ban and censor adult content more and more, where will porn go when this happens? The team discusses their thoughts on the social porn-pocalypse and predicts where it will take the industry as a result.