TTS withdraws from FSC PASS testing program


Talent Testing Service withdraws from FSC Performer Availability Screening Services

The Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has announced that Talent Testing Service (TTS) has withdrawn from the Performer Availability Screening Services (PASS) program. The program, which provides performers access to a US-wide network of STI testing services with electronic access to results, also includes Cutting Edge Testing (CET) and Adult Industry Testing (AIT), both of which continue to be part of the PASS program.
TTS has left the program over a disagreement with the FSC over COVID-19 testing. PASS decided to allow performers and crew members to get tested for COVID-19 at labs that are not part of the PASS program, while TTS wanted COVID-19 tests to be limited to only PASS-participating labs. Results from STI and COVID-19 tests performed at TTS will no longer be submitted to PASS, which prevents the FSC from monitoring test results to flag and contact-trace positive cases.

“TTS’s refusal to participate in PASS is putting performers in a risky position. In regions where TTS has been the only option, performers are being asked to go without work or risk working outside of PASS. Unlike PASS, TTS has no mechanism for calling a production hold in the event of a positive test, nor have they committed to alert the adult community if there is a potential exposure. This move fractures the industry and puts everyone at risk at a time when we need to be more cautious than ever.” – Michelle L. LeBlanc, FSC Executive Director