New Teddy's Girls Features: Tipping, Redesign and TeddyXP

Teddy's Girls

Teddy’s Girls: Tipping, Redesign and TeddyXP

Teddy’s Girls, a platform for premium Snapchat, selling clips and (thanks to their new feature, TeddyXP) feed subscriptions, has announced a couple new features. These features include a new tipping functionality, a site redesign and the above mentioned TeddyXP. Here’s all the details on the new Teddy’s Girls Features.

New Tipping Functionality Added

Teddy’s Girls has announced a new tipping functionality. Now Teddy’s Girls members will be able to tip their favorite content producers directly from their TeddysXP feed.

TeddyXP: Sell Feed Subscriptions

TeddyXP is the new subscription-based feed system. TeddysXP works just like a social network, where performers will be able to add content to their feed/timeline on their profile pages. Performers are able to sell either monthly subscriptions or lifetime / unlimited access.

Redesigned Teddy’s Girls Site

Teddy’s Girls has also announced a new site redesign. With the redesign also comes a new dynamic way for members to search for their favorite performers. This includes the ability to sort by hottest selling performers or newest performers.

More Information On Teddy’s Girls

Interested in becoming a Teddy’s Girl? You can either signup here or learn more about the platform by checking out the link below. Teddy’s Girls is a network for premium Snapchat, premium Twitter and selling clips through Teddy’s TV. Are you a male model? Males can also signup and be featured on Teddy’s Guys! Discover why Vixen, Aurora and other models choose Teddy’s Girls!