Streaming Sites Take Inspiration for Design from Adult Websites


Study Shows Streaming Sites Take Design Cues from Adult Sites

Mainstream entertainment streaming sites, such as Netflix, Hulu and even Amazon prime are taking design ideas from adult sites like Pornhub, according to a University of Toronto professor- Patrick Keilty. An associate professor at the university’s Faculty of Information, appeared on CBC Radio’s Spark program to discuss the adult website design elements appearing on the big streaming sites. Most would think a good design for mainstream non-adult sites would be minimalist and simple, but actually it seems they are taking the route most adult site do with almost a chaotic and rambling images to keep you clicking and browsing around. Keilty said: “They want to keep enticing you to click and view more, so they will give you pop-up advertisements or thumbnails that are animated and move — something that was developed very early on in [the porn] industry and that’s been picked up in more mainstream media like Netflix,”

Why is This Important?

It’s not exactly groundbreaking news, but this could be a little step forward in normalizing us and changing the stigma of our industry. Professor Keilty also said this: “I would say that many of the technologies that are ubiquitous to us now are either partly developed in the pornography industry or they were embraced by that industry — and it’s the very embracing of that technology that made them ubiquitous.” The adult is industry is very cutting edge and innovative, even this last year with VR porn becoming the next big thing. It’s understandable why mainstream streaming sites are following in our footsteps, let’s hope next they can accept us.

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