SluttyWolfe Studio sponsors TEA ‘Best FtM Amateur’ Award

SluttyWolfe Studio TEA FtM

Trans porn company sponsors FtM award

While clip site Manyvids is presenting the 2020 Transgender Erotica Awards (TEA), porn company SluttyWolfe Studio has stepped up to sponsor the “Best FtM Amateur” award. The company is run by trans adult performers Nicko Wolfe and Shiri Allwood, and features both trans women and trans men in its productions. The “Best FtM Amateur” award was not included in the TEAs this year prior to SluttyWolfe Studio stepping up to sponsor it.

“To be trans masculine is like trying to be a superhero without powers. It’s hard, to say the least. When my girlfriend feels down and dysphoric, perhaps invalidated by greater society, she need only open Twitter and scroll endlessly through her feed of gorgeous glorified peers to remind herself that trans women aren’t only accepted, but revered by many. Conquering dysphoria and feeling valid is hard for all trans people, but we trans men struggle to feel accepted and desired, especially when industry representation for us all but disappears. We are just as valid, important, and desirous as our trans sisters and cis brothers.” — Nicko Wolfe, SluttyWolfe Studio