Informal, Criminalized, Precarious: Sex Workers Organizing Against Barriers (April 3-17, 2021)

Webinar series brings sex workers and community organizers together to discuss issues

Adult performer and activist Lorelei Lee and the Hacking//Hustling collective have organized a webinar series called “Informal, Criminalized, Precarious: Sex Workers Organizing Against Barriers” which runs from April 3-17, 2021, covering topics ranging from sex work and migration to stigma to current decriminalization efforts in the United States. The webinars are organized by sex workers for sex workers, and aims to bring organizers and activists together with the larger sex work community to explore and discuss the work being done in building a labor movement and pursuing policy goals worldwide.

For more information on the schedule and to register for the event, please visit the Hacking//Hustling website.