Rachel Starr Launches “Online Platforms” Course for Performers

Rachel’s class is now live and available for free to help you navigate online platform options

Veteran porn star Rachel Starr has announced that she has created a free webinar for Performer.training to help performers choose the right Onlyfans alternative for their needs. Performer.training hosts the free “Adult Industry Certified” program run by Kelli Roberts that has trained over 150 performers in industry basics like record keeping, STD testing requirements, setting boundaries, and more. The site was created in response to California’s introduction of bill AB2389, which proposed background checks, fingerprinting, and state licensing of adult performers.

“I think it’s important for us to work together to come up with viable alternatives. We have to be ready for anything and that’s what my class is about. I want to share everything I’ve learned about platforms so we can all face tomorrow on a better footing.” – Rachel Starr