Pornhub increases ad payout for free videos

Pornhub raises ad revenue payout to models as credit card processing remains out of reach

Tube site Pornhub – still without credit card processing – is offering an enticement for models to continue uploading to its platform. Without Modelhub sales and Viewshare earnings from Pornhub Premium, model earnings have plumeted, and Pornhub has paid out additional bonuses to models for the past 3 months in a desperate bid to keep models on board. Bonuses are ending in March, but as of April 1, 2021, Pornhub is raising the ad payout on free videos by over 15%.

The site claims to pay out 80% of ad revenue on free-to-view videos to creators in the Pornhub Model Program, so this increase would take that total to over 95%. Even at the 80% figure, payouts hovered around $0.60/1,000 views, making it a small source of income for most creators compared to video sales and Viewshare earnings. This increase would raise that average to approximately $0.71/1,000 views, but Pornhub does not release actual CPM figures to performers, so this is only an estimate. Coupled with their minimum payout of $100, even at the increased rate, a performer would need to average 140,000 views per month to reach payout on free videos alone. Pornhub claims this ad revenue payout increase is permanent, and will continue “even if we reinstate credit card transactions” (quote from Pornhub blog).

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