Podcast 87: Chatabox, Australian Porn Blocking and More!

Episode 87: Chatabox, Australian Porn Blocking and More!

Welcome back to the Camland Podcast! Today, hosted by Aerie! The big news is that Australia is considering implementing similar age verification to what the UK still hasn’t been able to implement. Plus information on

What We Cover:

(Camland Podcast) Australia Considering Age Verification For Porn – Australia is the latest government to consider age verification policies for porn sites. This comes as the UK, two years later, is still unable to implement their Digital Economy Act.
(Webcam Startup) Camgirls: Sell Recorded Camming Shows as Clips – Aerie gives some information on selling recorded camming show as clips, and some tips on how to record them.
(Webcam Startup) Camgirls: Make Money As A Gamer Girl – Gaming has become huge and platforms such as Twitch have provided ways to monetize gaming. Unfortunately, these platforms aren’t adult-friendly. There’s still some ways to make money as a gamer girl in the adult industry, and Aerie has some information.
(Webcam Startup) Camgirls: Selling Your Gamertag – One of the ways to make money as a gamer girl is to sell your gamer tag. We’ve got more information on that.
(Webcam Startup) Make Money Off Non-Nude Fetish Clips – You don’t have to get naked to make money off fetish clips. Aerie gives some tips on what kind of fetishes work best for non-nude and some best practices for selling non-nude clips.
(Webcam Startup) Chatabox: Adult Platform For Monetizing Locked Content  – We’ve got all the information on Chatabox, a new platform for monetizing locked content. Once a fan follows a performer, they can mass-DM them locked text, photo, video or audio content.
(Webcam Startup) LoyalFans Information: New Fanclub Platform by Clips4Sale – NexoCams is rebranding / migrating to LoyalFans, and we’ve got all the information. LoyalFans is primarily a fanclub platform, but models can earn from offering multiple services.
(Webcam Startup) LoyalFans Added To SEO Guide (NoFollow Backlinks) – We’ve added LoyalFans to our list of sites for building NoFollow backlinks. Links to your website(s) is one of the main factors in Google’s algorithm.
(Camland Podcast) List of 2019 YNOT Awards Winners – The 2019 YNOT Awards took place in September 14th, 2019, in Prague. We’ve got the full list of winners on Camland Podcast.
(Camland Podcast) ManyVids Farewell To Old Office – ManyVids is getting a new office, and hosted a farewell party for their old office. The party was documented for Bella French’s new YouTube channel.
(Camland Podcast) CamModelDirectory Raises ACH Minimum To $125 – CamModelDirectory has partnered with a new ACH solution-provider. Payouts will still be weekly, but the minimum payout got raised drastically to $125.