Podcast 6: Christmas Themed Podcast (December 2017)

Podcast / Live Hangout #6: (Sorry About Poor Intro Audio)

Sorry about the bad audio in the intro. It gets better at about minute 16. This is our Christmas themed live hangout. We discuss Christmas themed content (which surprisingly doesn’t perform that well) as well as other Holiday-related things. Although you’ll find tons of performers camming in front of Christmas trees, everyone on the hangout claimed that nobody really asks for Christmas themed shows or purchases Christmas themed clips. In fact, it was stated that Halloween content was performing better during the Holiday Season.

Week In Review:

BongaCams Announces New iOS Mobile App – BongaCams announced their mobile app. The app is on iOS and the Android version is coming soon.
ManyVids Christmas Video Competition and ManyVids Christmas Photo Competition – ManyVids is launching two different Christmas themed competitions.
Tips For Traveling Into USA For Adult Work – An anonymously submitted piece (due to fear of being flagged) on USA travel tips. The USA rarely gives work visas to adult performers, meaning that performers basically need to sneak into the country for adult work. Here’s some tips, if you’re trying to do just that.
Dating Tips For Camgirls – Alice Snow gives some dating tips for camgirls. Dating for anyone in the adult industry can be more challenging than dating while working a vanilla job.
BongaCams Acquires Runetki (Russian Camming Site) – BongaCams announces the acquisition of Runetki, one of the largest Russian camming sites. Just last year, BongaCams announced the acquisition of another big camming site, RussCams.
InstaVixens Shuts Down – InstaVixens, a platform for selling premium Snapchat subscriptions, has closed down.
ManyVids Helping Hand Campaign – ManyVids has announced their Helping Hands Campaign. ManyVids awards money to many different performers, to help them with their fundraising campaigns.