Podcast 5: College Teaching Anti Sex-Worker Classes

Higher Education Teaching Anti Sex-Work Curriculum

The focus of today’s podcast is higher education teaching curriculum that states that all sex workers are being exploited. This includes glamour models in pornstars. Independent performers? They’re exploiting themselves. Apparently consent doesn’t even factor into the equation. Best of all; when asking about whether or not anyone (teacher, students, ect) has reached out to people from the “exploited party” to gain their input and experience in the matter. Obviously, it wasn’t.

Sex Workers Not Being Included In The Conversation

First, how are you being objective if sex workers aren’t being included in the dialogue? It’s a bunch of teachers and students discussing what’s right and wrong about sex work. Nowhere is a sex worker’s opinions being solicited and applied to the curriculum. So we’ve got a bunch of academics who (most likely) don’t know much, if anything, about sex work, pretty much “deciding” the morality of it. That doesn’t seem to be objective at all. Normally you bring in “experts” from “the field” if you want to be objective.

Consent and “My Body” Doesn’t Matter

This was an interesting point that was brought up. If something consensual is still deemed exploitation, that undermines consent in general. It is taking the power away from the individual to decide. When a specific party gets to dictate right from wrong, it implies that life choices and personal views are completely irrelevant. This is especially true when the party dictating right from wrong isn’t even involved in the industry to begin with. Consent is key, and who really gets to decide? Especially when no laws are being broken.

The Sex Industry And “I Love what I Do” Justification

Another great point that was brought up was the fact that the adult industry is the only industry where people have to justify what they do by liking it. If you’re a Walmart employee, you don’t have to like working them for it to be a legit form of employment. Same with line cooks, lawyers and anyone form of employment. Pornstars and other sex workers are the only people that feels like they have to express liking their employment to justify their career.
Although everyone should love what they do, this reality shows the stigma that adult / sex work has going against it. Sex workers have to justify their employment in ways that other professionals don’t have to. That reality alone is biased and slanted, and sex workers shouldn’t have to make this justification. “It’s for the money” should work just fine. It’s why everyone else works their boring, vanilla, 9-5 job.

Stigma Related To Sex Work Media Reporting / Surveys

Another thing that needs to be acknowledged is the slanted reporting and surveying off our industry and sex work in general. Many performers are scared to even take surveys or take part in studies anymore due to this reason. Most the questions are pointed in nature, and in a way that can generally be used to demonize the industry. These studies get reported on, and make their ways into the curriculum, such as the one mentioned above.
Although some media outlets are doing a good job at fair and unbiased reporting, most like to demonize. Scandal and controversy sells better for the viewership, and they’re going for ratings. This sensationalism reporting doesn’t help the stigma against the industry.

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