Podcast 47: iFriends Shuts Down, Halloween and More!

Live Podcast 47: iFriends, Halloween and More!

Live Webcam Startup hangout. We get the crew back together for a live hangout. Today, we’re primarily talking about iFriends shutting down, which is the major news going on right now. We’ll also be talking about Halloween and everything going on in Camland in general. If you want to catch a future live hangout, we plan on having them on the last Thursday of every month.

iFriends Shuts Down (Patent Trolls?)

The big news is that iFriends has gone out of business. There’s currently some patent trolls (Wag Acquisition LLC) going around, trying to hit streaming sites and companies with patent lawsuits. There’s some high-certainty speculation that this is what caused iFriends to shut down. That combined with the fact that some of the technology powering iFriends is very dated and it’d take a lot to do a complete overhaul of the iFriends platform.
Wag has also targeted other camming sites over patent violations, including Chaturbate and Streamate.

2nd Online Cam Summit

The 2nd Online Cam Summit is coming up. Katy Churchill caught the 1st Online Cam Summit, and it was “Okay” (which is a compliment as far as Katy is concerned). The major positive feedback is that it’s 100% free and you can watch it at your own discretion. The downside: It’s real heavy on plugging the sponsors, like all events, and a lot of content is geared around how great the sponsors are. Katy plans on hitting the 2nd Online Cam Summit as well, and she’s excited that it seems a little more model-focused and a little less studio-focused.

Fetish Discussion

Halloween is coming up and Roselynn Locks just posted a lot of fetish content, so fetish discussion came up. The gang talks about the most common fetishes that they deal with. For Katy, it’s farting, but yet she’s never heard of Cake Farting. Cake Farting is a very niche sub-fetish of farting and food porn, where someone sits on a cake and farts.
Pee fetish is another big fetish, but it’s limited based on site. There’s some networks (camming and clip sites) that do allow it, but it’s limited. For example; you can’t pee on other people and you can’t consume the pee.

2257 Documentation and Clip Sites

The team discusses clip sites and 2257 Compliance Documentation. A lot of clip sites don’t require that you submit 2257 Documentation for people who appear in their clips. If anyone reports content stating that they believe that someone in a clip is underage, the clip site will request 2257 Documentation, and if the performer can’t provide it, action will be taken.
If one day all the clip sites were told to get 2257 Compliant, there’s a lot of clip producers that would have to purge a lot of content. For this reason (and the fact that it’s the law, at least in the USA), it’s suggested (more like mandatory) that indie performers keep track of their own 2257, as well as model releases.

ManyVids: MV Live and 80% Payouts (November)

A couple people on the podcast tested out MV Live and Aerie was online when Bella French was online (so she also got to see what type of tokens she earned from Bella French streaming). Nobody is too crazy about the pop-up advertising that ManyVids is doing to get traffic into MV Live chatrooms.