Podcast 20: Dominic Ford Presents JustForFans (Adult Fanclubs)

Episode 20: Presentation of JustForFans

Today, we’ve got a special guest. Dominic Ford, pornstar and owner for JustForFans will be jumping on the live hangout to demonstrate the JustForFans platform for everyone. JustForFans is an adult-friendly fanclub platform. Unlike other subscription-based services that cater to mainstream as well, JustForFans is 100% adult and will never give pornstars the boot. We’ll also be talking the latest OnlyFans drama. Hell, we’ll even show off the DKIM of our “Spoofed Email” live on air.


Week In Review

OnlyFans: Nudity Allowed But No “Sexually Explicit” Content – The email that rocked Twitter. After the previous allegations, we reached out to OnlyFans for their official response and shared it with the world. The result: Freakout, resulting in OnlyFans even tweeting out that our email was spoofed.
OnlyFans History – Follow+ and Failed Ventures – Empress Mika shares her views on the latest fallout, as well as some dark history with Follow+ and thoughts on some of the other ventures launched by the same party who runs OnlyFans.
ManyVids / Crafty Fantasy Sex Doll Contest – ManyVids has partnered with Crafty Fantasy for quite the unique contest. The winner will get a sex doll modeled after her!
CAM4 Announces iOS Mobile Camming – CAM4 has announced iOS mobile camming and is giving away an iPad to celebrate.