Podcast 144: Section 230, SISEA, Best Blogs of 2020

Episode 144: Section 230, SISEA, Best Blogs of 2020

Welcome (or welcome back) to the Camland Podcast presented by WCSU News! This week your host is Webcam Startup CEO Aerie Saunders.


(WCSU News) HubTraffic Temporarily Closes– HubTraffic sends an email to all affiliates that they will be temporarily closing their doors due to the fallout within Pornhub/MindGeek after the suspension of Visa and Mastercard payments on Pornhub.

(WCSU News) Section 230 Potentially Being Overturned and Social Media ToS Updates– Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook are all getting VERY specific with their new Terms that target the adult industry. Why does this matter? Section 230 and its relevance to online sex workers.

(WCSU News) Cam4 Startup Bonus Program– Cam4 offers up to $1,000 in cash bonuses to new North American models.

(WCSU News) FanCentro adds Premium Twitter Subscription option– OG fan club platform FanCentro has embraced Twitter’s new “Fleets” feature as an option for models looking to replace premium Snapchat. The platform now allows performers to create a new “protected Tweet” Twitter account (also referred to as a private or locked account) that they can then sell access to for a monthly or one-time subscription fee.

(WCSU News) Pineapple Support DBT / Emotion Regulation Support Group (January 11, 2021)– Adult industry mental health organization Pineapple Support is offering a free 8 week online DBT / emotion regulation support group for members of the adult industry.

(WCSU News) LoyalFans Video Store Goes Live– LoyalFans has launched a video store platform within their fan club. Video sales will pay out at 80% and the interface supports the use of hashtags, trending videos, and allows bookmarks.

(WCSU News) “Stop Internet Sexual Exploitation Act” Generates Negative Industry Responses– The “Stop Internet Sexual Exploitation Act” (SISEA) has received negative responses from adult industry members and professionals.

(WCSU News) Loyalfans partners with Boleyn Models to offer daily payout– Boleyn Models makes Loyalfans its exclusive social media fan club platform.

(WCSU News) 2021 Transgender Erotica Awards Nominees Announced– The nominees for the 2021 Transgender Erotica Awards (TEAs) have been revealed! The winners will be announced at a virtual event live-streamed on Sunday, March 7, 2021.

(WCSU News) 2021 Adult Webcam Awards Winners Announced– The list of winners for the 2021 Adult Webcam Awards has been announced. The Adult Webcam Awards, which were not given out last year, are an annual digital award show that recognizes the top models and camming sites in the industry.

(WCSU News) Pineapple Support Stress and Harmful Beliefs Webinar (Jan. 19, 2021)– Pineapple Support is hosting a webinar on stress and harmful beliefs, free and open to all sex workers.

(WCSU News) FSC calls for voluntary production hold in LA County– The Free Speech Coalition (FSC), an adult industry advocacy organization, has joined FilmLA (a mainstream film industry organization) in calling for a voluntary production pause for all adult film productions in LA County. The move follows a request made by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LADPH) in response to the current state of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in the area.

(Webcam Startup) Pornhub hit hard by New York Times article fallout– In case you missed it, the New York Times published a piece in their “Opinion” section about the illegal underage content hosted on Pornhub. In response to the article, Pornhub’s parent company MindGeek denied that illegal underage and non-consensual content is a major issue on the site, but they also immediately ended downloads for videos and then ended the ability of unverified accounts to upload content. Since the article dropped, both Visa and Mastercard have suspended payment processing for Pornhub.

(Webcam Startup) xHamster Creator Program Review– The xHamster Creator Program allows verified accounts to monetize the free videos that they upload to the tube site. Similar to the Pornhub Verified Amateurs program, xHamster pays performers a portion of the revenue from the ads displayed on their videos. Although xHamster gives you a few more hoops to jump through to qualify for monetization, there are a lot of great features to the program that make it well worth the effort of signing up.

(Webcam Startup) The Mind(Geek) Behind Clips4Sale: is C4S in danger of losing payment processing?– While it has been confirmed that MindGeek owns a substantial stake in C4S (possibly all of it), and Clips4Sale is undertaking a thorough review of the existing content on the platform, so far C4S seems to be stable in terms of payment processing with Visa and Mastercard. This article was written before we had confirmation from Neil regarding MindGeek’s ownership, but the rest of it still applies.

(Webcam Startup) Start Your Own Fanclub with Scrile Connect– Scrile Connect allows users to create their own adult fanclub marketplace with subscriptions/paid memberships. What is Scrile Connect?

(Webcam Startup) Adult Friendly Snapchat Alternatives– Snapchat is not adult friendly according to their Terms of Service which leaves uncertainty when using it as a form of income for adult content, additionally Snapchat can terminate your account without warning and can leave you without the ability to contact customers or potential clients. When establishing a platform where you are providing adult services to a consumer you want to ensure that you are using an adult friendly platform so that you do not risk losing your accounts and your customers. Snapchat can delete any account for any reason, even if you are only suspected of adult content.

(Webcam Startup) How To Do Fur Fetish & Leather Fetish Porn Clips– In this video, Katy Churchill covers the basics for models interested in creating leather fetish or fur fetish content. Katy looks at both fetishes from a non-femdom angle. Although both leather and furs are popular with domme performers, there is a route to success in these fetishes that does not require a dominant personality or focus on a dom/sub dynamic.

(Webcam Startup) How To Do Fabric Fetish Porn Clips– What is a fabric fetish? Clip categories like satin, sweater, swimsuit, spandex, velvet, etc. fall under the “fabric fetish” umbrella, and can be approached in similar ways when creating content. In this video, Katy Churchill covers the basics for models interested in creating fabric fetish content.

(Webcam Startup) WCSU Webinar Episode 8– Topics include Pornhub and Visa/Mastercard, Financial Planning and Budgeting, and 2020 Year in Review.

(Webcam Startup) How to Submit PR as an Indie Model– Getting attention online is an important way to bring awareness and paying customers to your brand and a major way to improve your online presence is through submitting press releases.

(Webcam Startup) xReels – TikTok Clone for Adult Videos– Short video sharing applications are all the rage currently which is exactly why Adent.io, the creators of xCams and xFans, have launched xReels.

(Webcam Startup) Editors Choice: Our Best Blogs of 2020– This year has been a long and stressful year to say the least, with most of the world and economy being impacted by the Coronavirus Pandemic things in the adult industry online have been different. Some things have been better, some things have been worse, but with social distancing on the table it has been a fantastic year for blogging and getting more tips and guides to our readers.