Podcast 12: Cryptocurrency In The Adult Industry (2/7/2018)

Live Podcast: Porn and Crypto – Blockchain In The Adult Industry

We’ve got a lot of things dealing with cryptocurrency in the adult industry, so we decided to just make it the theme! Crypto is a big thing in both adult and mainstream right now. If you’re following all the major adult industry news outlets (or just following along on our podcast series), you’ve noticed that there’s now a new porn ICO happening weekly.
There have also been numerous scams as well as companies going belly-up in adult crypto. It’s important to realize that crypto is a high-risk investment. It’s also important to realize that if you’re working with a network that only pays out in their coin, that coins value is only based on whether you can cashout or spend, and what you can get for it. A lot of these companies want their partners to hold onto the coin as an investment. If that investment disappears, you’re screwed.
Another major happening is the tanking of Bitcoin and how that might impact crypto currencies as a whole. Did the bubble burst and are prices going to normalize? Will there be a new crypto to sour as Bitcoin loses traction? Will that new crypto be a “rinse and repeat” of what happened to Bitcoin? Does this make Bitcoin more feasible or less feasible for adult?

Week In Review:

ImLive / PussyCash Announces ChatMaker Integration – PussyCash, the affiliate program for ImLive, has announced integration with the Chatmaker app. Affiliates will now be able to get stats and notifications from the app.
BongaCams Valentines Day Contest – BongaCams has announced their official Valentines Day contest. This one is a little interesting. Performers submit their best photos, videos, cards and love letters. Each day or week (depending on the type of media), BongaCams will feature a selection of each of those. Everyone featured gets tokens, plus the extra exposure.
Flirt4Free 2018 Valentines Day Contests – Valentines Day is right around the corner, and Flirt4Free is launching multiple contests, including contests for both performers as well as customers.
iWantEmpire Acquiring KinkBomb? – Recently, iWantEmpire releases a PR to the major outlets, stating that KinkBomb showed interest in their letter of intent to acquire the network. It’s not finalized or confirmed, although the fact they submitted a PR shows a level of high certainty that the acquisition will occur.
MV Girl Accounts Vs Producer Accounts by Aerie – Aerie contrasts the ManyVids MV Girl accounts vs the producer accounts, the differences aren’t as drastic as you’d imagine. Producer accounts are also less competitive.
Crypto Currency And The Porn Industry By Samantha38G – Samantha gives her opinions on crypto currency in the porn industry, as well as some red flags about these companies.
BongaCams Now Supporting Multiple Crypto Currencies – BongaCams has announced that customers can now purchase tokens using all the popular crypto currencies.