Podcast 117: Streamate and ManyVids Contests, IWC Creativity Giveaway, and Gift Cards for Porn

Hey everyone, welcome or welcome back to the Camland Podcast, this week episode 117 will be presented by Aerie Saunders and Lilith Rose.

Regular News:

(Camland Podcast) Clips4Sale Legal Zone Series #12: SBA Loans, AB 2389 – Clips4Sale is bringing another installment of ‘The Legal Zone, with Neil and attorny Corey D. Sliverstien’. The 12th installment of the series is coming up on Monday, May 18th at 4pm ET. This episode they will be discussing the SBA loans, an update on AB2389 sex worker permit bill, the EARN IT act and newly they’ll be discussing the use of drugs or alcohol on set, before and after shoots as well as during live broadcasts.
(Camland Podcast) ManyVids Contest: After Hours (May 18th-27th 2020) – ManyVids unveils their theme of their monthly contest. Starting May 18th 11am and ends May 27th 8pm, The theme for this contest is After Hours, meaning ManyVids is wanting you to reveal your fave after hours activity, a fun hobby or maybe a sexy kink. It’s great time to use your favorite photo of you ‘after hours’ for a chance to win!
(Camland Podcast) Streamate Wants To Feature You On Their Social Media – Streamate is wanting SM broadcasters to submit SFW (safe for work) photos to their page. Submit your photos to be featured on their social media, Twitter, Instgram, etc. The photos must but SFW, No watermarks, nudity, or sex toys positioned in an overt manner. They also request them to be high resolution images (jpegs only; max file size 100mb).
(Camland Podcast) Pineapple Support And Webcam Lab Extend Help In South America – Pineapple Support collaborates with Webcam Lab to extend help for mental health in South America. So far they’ve connected over 200 performers in Colombia and other Southern American countries with free and low-cost mental health resources. Adult industry members and performers in a Spanish-speaking country who seek mental health support and therapy may connect with therapist Herrera from Pineapple Support.
(Camland Podcast) ManyVids Updates Company Name On Payouts – ManyVids sent an email to performers to alert them of the change of the business name on payouts. When a model got paid direct deposit or check, it said the payment was from “MV Production Inc.”, they stated from now on payments will be from “MV Verse Inc.”. The change is effective June 1st.
(Camland Podcast) Stripchat Adds Ultra-Low Latency On Live Shows – Cam site Stripchat added new category. Pornstars on Stripchat, have some one-on-one time or just see your favorite Pornstar live! They have also added ‘ultra-low’ latency for all performers on the cam site. Basically live streaming latency is the delay between the camera of the model capturing a show and such an show being displayed on your screen. So to tackle this nuisance, They implemented an ultra-low latency option that you can enable during a stream to reduce such delay to 0.5 seconds.
(Camland Podcast) iWantClips $500 Giveaway For #NationalCreativityDay – iWantClips is announcing a photo contest. Celebrating the amazing and creative artists on iWantClips for #NationalCreativityDay. IWC is inviting artists to join in on the fun by sharing a photo that captures a creative moment in their unique content creation process. Their will be 5 winners to each win $100.
(Camland Podcast) Streamate 10% Bonus Event May 22nd-24th – In a mass message sent to model dashboards, Streamate announced their first 10% bonus event that will be 4 days of two back to back bonus events! Due to an increase in the traffic online, Streamate is taking this opportunity to give their models an additional 10% of their eligible earnings on top of a bonus for streaming for 10 hours or more during the bonus event!
(Camland Podcast) Streamate Week Long “Ready for Summer” Contest May 24-30 – Streamate is taking advantage of the boost in traffic due to Coronavirus, and are holding another contest to help models take advantage of the increase! Models who place in the top 200 earners will earn an additional bonus. Additionally, models who stream for certain amounts of hours will receive a bonus!
(Camland Podcast) Streamate Sends Tips for a Happy Cam Space – Having a cam space that is convenient, fits your aesthetic, and is functional will help you earn more on cam because you will be happier to work surrounded by things that promote positive energy. Knowing this, Streamate interviewed an interior designer and design psychology coach to help provide cam models with tips to improve their overall happiness in their work space!

Priority News:

(Camland Podcast) Trade Your Gift Cards On ManyVids For MV Credits – ManyVids are now providing a new payment option for members, converting your gift cards from major retailers into MV Wallet in credits to checkout on ManyVids. Trade in your gift cards for MV Live tokens or MV Wallet credits.

Site Of The Week:

ManyVids, for giving members ANOTHER way to pay for models content.

Model Tip Of The Week:

During higher profit times, it can be beneficial to invest in savings accounts, bonds, stocks, and other ways to further your money by using what you usually would and investing extra earnings into things that will generate profit long term.