Pineapple Support launches parent/performer support group

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Pineapple Support offers 6 week support group to improve relationships between performers and their parents

Adult industry mental health organization Pineapple Support has announced that they will be running a 6 week support group for parents and performers beginning on July 12, 2020. The group will meet once weekly on Sundays at 3pm Pacific/6pm Eastern time. The group is completely free and no experience with therapy is required. A confidential application is required to be considered for the group.

This group is an educational and mild process group that focuses on the relational tie in the family. In this group we will discuss the various emotions around the performer discussing or revealing their career choice to their parents and the parents’ reaction to the information. – Pineapple Support

Parent/Performer Support Group Topics

  • What does sharing your career look like as the performer and as the parent?
  • The grief process
  • Healthy communication
  • Sharing excitement and dreams

For more information, or to register for the group, please visit the Pineapple Support website.