Pineapple Support DBT / Emotion Regulation Support Group (January 11, 2021)

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Pineapple Support launches online DBT and emotion regulation therapy group for adult industry members

Adult industry mental health organization Pineapple Support is offering a free 8 week online DBT / emotion regulation support group for members of the adult industry. The group meets on Mondays at 8am Pacific/11am Eastern time starting on January 11, 2021.

Out of control emotions can make it hard to maintain friendships, romantic relationships and can even jeopardise our careers. Many of us never learned the skills we need to cope with difficult emotions, and that makes it impossible to deal effectively with stressful or distressing situations that inevitably come up in our lives. This course teaches participants how to recognise, understand and regulate emotions so that they have more choices about how to manage day to day stressors and distressing events.