Pineapple Support DBT Interpersonal Effectiveness Group (August 20, 2021)

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Pineapple Support launches 6 week online family relationships support group for adult industry members

Adult industry mental health organization Pineapple Support is offering a free 6 week online support group for members of the adult industry. The focus of this support group is on the “Interpersonal Effectiveness” skills of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and is facilitated by Sophia Graham. The group meets on Fridays at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern time starting on August 20, 2021. Pre-registration is required, please see the Pineapple Support website for details.

“This course is about empowering us to handle interpersonal situations more effectively. This course invites you to reflect on the myths that hold you back in relationships and teaches you skills to be more assertive. We will talk about how to prepare for difficult conversations by creating scripts and anticipating pushback. These flexible and scientifically supported dialectical behavior therapy skills will help you to have clearer communication and more fulfilling relationships.” – Pineapple Support