Pineapple Support Corporate Training Initiative

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Pineapple Support launches training for companies looking to support performers on their platforms

Adult industry mental health organization Pineapple Support has launched a new Corporate Training Initiative to help staff members at adult companies better support and understand models. The new corporate training sessions are available to all employees of companies that sponsor Pineapple Support’s other programs. The sessions cover topics like how to identify and react to a performer in crisis, how to support a sexual trauma survivor, spotting the early signs of mental health issues and invisible disabilities, as well as training in gender, sexual orientation, cyber bullying and BIPOC-specific support. The live, interactive training webinars will take place every two months, and will be available for employees to watch after the fact on a secure site.

“The industry has suffered a number of tragic losses in the past few weeks. Not everyone who is suffering reaches out or asks for help directly, and it’s critical that we train people in our companies and on our platforms to recognize need, and enable them to begin discussions. We know navigating this conversation without proper training can be frightening and traumatic for both the person struggling and the person attempting to help. Our corporate training sessions help employees and other staff members know how to react, and what resources to provide, when someone is in need.

This is the first step in helping to build a greater web of support for industry workers. Equipped with the right knowledge and training, employees who work directly with models can play a critical role in providing crisis support. In the future, we’ll be inviting participants to gather and talk about the issues they’ve faced on their platforms, so that we can better learn from each other.” – Leya Tanit, Founder & CEO of Pineapple Support