Pineapple Support Launches Addiction Support Group

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Mental Health Resource Pineapple Support Opens Addiction Support Group

March is Women’s History Month and Pineapple Support, the adult industry’s well known mental health resource, will be helping not just the women in adult entertainment but the men as well. The group focuses on issues related to addiction throughout the month of March. Information, resources and strategies for coping with addiction, including guidance from Pineapple Support therapists and experts, will be shared via blogs and social media.

Addiction Support Group

Beginning on Monday, March 16th, Pineapple Support launches their six-week Recovery Education and Support Group. Licensed mental health coach, Nicki Line’s online group provides education about addiction and provides a safe place for those managing addiction issues of every type. Pineapple Support founder Leya Tanit says: “We don’t discuss addiction enough in the adult industry, but its effects have touched us all at some point.” “We build community through our shared stories. Those interested in contributing or sharing their story should email Let us know if you’d like it to remain anonymous.”