Performer Led Training to Debut in Response to AB-2389

In response to controversial California assembly bill, performers launch training site

With concerns that California Assembly Bill 2389 puts performers privacy at risk, seasoned adult industry performers have come together to create the “better version” of what was proposed by the bill. The website Performer.Training boasts information being provided by industry professionals such as Alana Evans, Chad White, Amberly Rothfield, Kelly Pierce, and Nikki Night! If any of those names sound familiar it is probably because you’ve seen many of these individuals active in the industry on social media offering help courses, running unions, acting as mentors, giving advice as cam coaches, or simply being really cool people online. The proposed program will help performers looking to get started in the industry but also offer help and answers to active members of the industry as well.

What will the training include?

  1. A basic understanding of the adult industry structure
  2. Performer Rights
  3. Talent Safety
  4. Sexual Harassment
  5. Talent Agents
  6. Working with Production Companies
  7. A basic primer on social media
  8. The laws regarding creating your own content
  9. Extensive STD/STI information (Herpes, HPV, HIV/AIDS, Gonorrhea, Syphilis)
  10. Adult Industry Testing Protocols
  11. Breast Cancer awareness
  12. Human Trafficking
  13. The laws regarding 2257s and Model Releases Forms
  14. Saving Money and Paying Taxes

What does this mean for California Assembly Bill 2389?

While the bill is still obviously in the cards, pitching to law makers that there already is an educational system in place for performers could possibly help delay the bill or result in a revision of the bill that would allow performers to go through the performer led training instead. If this is something you would be interested in as a performer in California, it always helps to keep in contact with local law makers and voice your opinion.

Do I need to take this course to be a Webcam Model?

Assembly Bill 2389 and this training are both currently inactive, although updates will come to the training site soon when it officially debuts. Currently there is no requirement to take a course in order to be a webcam model in California, and the performer led training that is being offered almost seems irrelevant to models who cam only. It is notable that a majority of models working behind the scenes on this project are cross-over stars, with the main indie players being Nikki Night and Amberly Rothfield. We can only cross our fingers and hope that Night and Rothfield will add additional curriculum that is geared towards the indie community of cam models, stay at home clip producers, phone sex operators, and more… especially if this will be pitched as a way to avoid AB2389!

Where can I find information as an Indie Webcam Performer / Clip Producer?

While the current curriculum for the performer led training course does not include much information for webcam models or indie clip producers, Webcam Startup offers a wide variety of helpful information for models looking to get started. Some of our guides include:
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