Patreon Updates TOS for Adult Content Creators

Patreon to require ID, consent documents for adult content creators

Mainstream fan club platform Patreon – which allows some adult content on its platform – has announced that it is updating its terms of service for adult/18+ content hosted on the site. To come into compliance with the new Mastercard guidelines, Patreon creators who post adult content on the site will now have to provide government-issued photo ID for themselves, as well as for anyone appearing in their content, in addition to consent paperwork. These requirements bring Patreon in line with other adult content platforms – and it is surprising that Patreon has gone this long without requiring ID to verify that creators posting adult content on their site are over 18. Some performers have migrated to Patreon as an Onlyfans alternative, but Patreon’s rules on adult content are very strict and prohibit explicit content – much in the same way the Onlyfans porn ban would have.