OnlyFans Releases Tips for Creators Amidst Coronavirus

Popular Fan Club Platform OnlyFans Releases Tips for Creating during Coronavirus Times

The fast acting and highly infectious Coronavirus (COVID-19) has made a massive impact which has trickled into the adult industry. While the Coronavirus has had made a huge impact globally, some creators are beginning to see the effects of the Coronavirus impacting sales, ability to create, and ability to collaborate with other creators. OnlyFans has created a blog post with tips details how to create during these high risk times.

OnlyFans had these tips to offer:

  1. Reconsider Where You Create Your Content
  2. Stream Events
  3. Collaborate Online
  4. Run a Sale
  5. Donate
  6. Embrace the Chance to Work on Creative Projects
  7. Take Care of Your Mental Health

How can reconsidering where you create your content help you during Coronavirus?

While the provided tip from OnlyFans was geared more towards mainstream creators who may create fitness content utilizing a gym, adult industry workers are also impacted by the spaces that they create in. If adult industry workers book paid shoots, for pornography or photography, they may come into contact with surfaces that could cause them to contract the illness. It is important to consider cancelling shoots in unfamiliar spaces where you are unsure of the level of cleanliness and if you do continue to move forward with shoots to wash your hands and limit the contact that you make with your face.

How can Streaming Events help avoid getting sick?

Another tip geared mostly towards mainstream creators, OnlyFans encouraged musicians, dancers, and actors to host their events online through the OnlyFans streaming platform. While most adult industry workers are probably already on a cam site they are familiar with or have already been utilizing OnlyFans to stream if that is something they were interested in this could be a great opportunity to try more creative streaming projects and incorporate aspects that you weren’t sure would have succeeded previously. With a higher volume of people working from home, you have an increased ability to attract customers that are interested in the creative aspect of cam shows and won’t be rushed to enjoy your show before heading off to work.

How can I collaborate online to avoid getting COVID-19?

Finally a tip that could actually be geared towards sex workers! OnlyFans encouraged their creators to collaborate online by creating content remotely and creating “variety shows” with multiple creators featured to expose yourself to a larger audience. While this is a fun idea, you could even take it a step further by creating green screen content featuring both models “appearing” to be collaborating in person, or you can offer group video bundles!

How will running a sale help me during this pandemic?

OnlyFans encouraged its creators to run a sale due to people being home bored, but I propose you run a sale to also have some extra income in case you get sick! The unfortunate truth is if you have friends or family and aren’t capable of complete social isolation, there is a chance you will get sick, if not from the Coronavirus it is also currently allergy season and the common flu is making its rounds! Having a good base of money in savings to fall on in case you get sick, even if it’s not with the Coronavirus, is a smart move and a good reason to have a sale!

Why should I donate?

OnlyFans has been building a reputation of having charitable creators, and while that’s great, OnlyFans is also a very passive way to make money and you could make a great impact on the world by also donating your time. Being able to watch the kids while your partner works from home due to the passive nature of OnlyFans or step in to help friends during this time is one of the reasons creators on OnlyFans appreciate it so much, it is not nearly as time consuming as some other adult industry sites!

Should I embrace the chance to work on my creative side?

Social distancing and quarantine can result in a lot of down time, while a lot of creators are used to working from home, they aren’t used to their entire fan base working from home. This pandemic is global and having worldwide impacts so there is a likely chance you will be exposed to more potential customers while this virus runs its course. If you are looking to build a fan base for your creative content, this could be a great time to start advertising it, or even recycling old content that may have missed the mark for its initial release.

Why is OnlyFans encouraging creators to take care of their mental health?

OnlyFans understands that this time is stressful, and encourages their creators to limit how many times they check the news to help alleviate some of their anxiety. They’ve also made a point that creators help to lift spirits and keep minds active, while all of that is true it is also important to make sure your mental health is in check before uplifting others. If you give yourself burn out in an attempt to be a source of happiness it will ultimately turn out bad for everyone involved, don’t feel pressured to working harder because of everyone being home on quarantine. Try to limit your stress in whatever way works for you by staying informed or by putting the phone down, whatever works!

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