Rumors swirl as OnlyFans starts requesting additional model releases


OnlyFans contacts performers with requests for documents and ID, rejects existing model releases in favor of their own documents, may require individual OF accounts for all performers

It looks like the hugely popular fanclub platform OnlyFans has rolled out a major policy change without informing creators. OnlyFans has contacted several performers who have solo accounts but who regulary post content featuring other performers to request model releases and ID documentation. Previously, the site had said that you must have appropriate documentation for other performers who appear in your content, but the site itself did not require you to upload or otherwise provide the information. Now, it appears that OnlyFans wants access to more information about everyone who appears in content, and your own documentation isn’t enough.

While everyone who has content featuring other performers should be keeping proper 2257 ID documentation and have signed model releases for any content that they shoot, it sounds like that isn’t enough for OnlyFans anymore. Previously, OnlyFans would contact creators by email, requesting that they provide ID and model releases (also via email) for other performers. Next, OnlyFans began asking for specific model release forms (reportedly the templates from APAG) to be completed, and specific ID photographs to be supplied, often within 48 hours–an incredibly short amount of time to get new documentation together–or risk the content being taken down or account suspended. Now, it sounds like all performers who appear in content must have their own verified OnlyFans accounts that are linked/tagged in the content post.

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