OnlyFans and Their Charitable Creators


What’s a creator to do when ‘charities’ refuse your hard earned donation money?

The answer seems to be: OnlyFans. Popular Fanclub site OnlyFans empowers creators to ‘have to their way’ when other platforms and outlets punish, banish, and exile even the most well intended. When wrestler David Marshall used OnlyFans to raise $5000AUD for Australian mental health the charity chose to ‘not accept’ his donation because it was earned while Marshall was engaging in activities such as “gambling, alcohol and pornography”. The big hearted Marshall doubled his donation and found a more open mined, and open hearted suicide prevention organization to embrace his positive gesture. Already a successful creator on OnlyFans before her fundraising campaign to benefit the Australian Bushfire crisis, Kaylen Ward aka the Naked Philanthropist, was able to post her content without censorship through OnlyFans even after Instagram deactivated her account. Last month, Kaylen Ward partnered to divert 20% of her OnlyFans earnings toward the Australian Bushfire recovery efforts.

OnlyFans Proves Unbeatable Traffic

Unlike other platforms and vendors, OnlyFans continues to encourage ALL CREATORS to post content without censorship. Where else can creators and fans alike use their collective power without oversight, restriction, or interference? apparently only through OnlyFans! It’s actually inspiring to see how the financial success of these creators has earned them the resources to be generous, giving, and helpful to the world. Fan clubs are getting more and more popular and OnlyFans seems to be THE fan club of the moment, in fact in our Adult Clip Site Traffic Report for Feb 2020 , OnlyFans was number one clip site with the most traffic.

More Information On OnlyFans

Interested in becoming an OnlyFans influencer? You can either signup here or learn more about the platform by checking out the link below. OnlyFans is a high-percentage platform for running a fanclub. OnlyFans builds a residual income through the monthly rebills. The more subscribers you have, the more you earn!