OnlyFans Adds New 'Top Fans' Features


OnlyFans Added New ‘Top Fans’ Feature For Creators

Popular fan club site OnlyFans added new a feature, at the end of each month OnlyFans calculates your top fans! The top fans percent goes up to 10% so members can range anywhere between Top 1%-10%, The top fans percentage is based on interaction on posts, tips and purchases a subscriber make to an individual creator. The percents are based solely on interaction during that month not the lifetime of the members subscription.
onlyfans-top fans-list

Congratulate Top Fans

OnlyFans have also added button in your settings, where you can enable to send a notification each month to your top 1%-5% of your fans. The start of each month, any fan that is in the top 5% of a creator’s fans will also receive a congratulatory message from OnlyFans.

More Information On OnlyFans

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