NPR's 'Airtalk' Airs California's Bill: AB2389 Discussion


NPR KPCC Show “AirTalk” Produced A “Sex Worker Permit” State Bill: AB2389 Segment

Taking an in depth look at the controversial bill AB2389 introduced last month. The discussion group included the bill’s sponsor Assemblyperson Christina Garcia, the bill’s sponsor, former performer Amanda Gullesserian, secretary and spokesperson for the International Entertainment Adult Union (IEAU); Alana Evans, president of the Adult Performers Actors Guild (APAG); and Antonia Crane, sex worker, writer, and activist. This proposed bill had initially required a fingerprint identification system for registering sex workers in California. The rationale behind the bill explains Assemblyperson Garcia is, “…trying to find a way that employees know their rights and they are protected,” Garcia said, stressing the “safety” aspect of the bill. But when questioned about the state registry and fingerprinting requirements on the original bill, Garcia stated, “We already amended that out.” After last week’s amendments to the proposed bill Garcia says, the bill now deals with “basic training about your rights, some basic training to identify human trafficking and so forth.”

Unnecessary And Expensive Bill

Amanda Gullesserian, the woman who brought the bill’s language to Garcia, states her reasoning behind proposing the bill would be to provide, “a safety course…so that everybody can be in the same place.” Host Larry Mantle asked Gullesserian why the state should be the institution to provide safety education, as opposed to her union. Gullesserian said, “most of the time you won’t have the time or the will, the willingness, to do that.” On the other hand, Alana Evans, president of the Adult Performers Actors Guild (APAG) pointed out that “[AB2389] is an unnecessary thing for the government to get involved in.” Evens went on to identify the million dollar price tag for implementing these proposals. “That’s over $1 million to have people do something I already do,” said Evans. Challenging Gullessarian’s suggestions about sex workers’ so-call ‘lack of time or willingness’ to stay informed Evans asserts, “Performers are 100 percent looking for those resources.” When host Mantle asked sex worker, writer, and activist Antonia Crane, whether her group thought the state should be more involved in their work, Crane said. “‘Role for the state?’ I’m with Alana. Kill the bill,” she said. “This is a money grab dressed up as a safety issue.” Crane went on to explain how the suggestion that sex workers need state mandated safety training was “demeaning and insulting.” “We don’t want registering or policing,” Crane concluded. You can find more info on the bill on Webcam Startup. Remember California models you have a voice, use it, contact your local reps! Keep an eye on what seems to be an ever changing bill.