Mass Uploader Platform Modetize Goes Offline

Mass Uploader Platform Modetize Announces in a Tweet that they are closing down

In a tweet posted to Twitter from the official @Modetize account, they shared a screenshot from their notes application on their iPhone explaining the closure: “We’re very grateful for your business with Modetize. The idea was born with one purpose, allowing you to focus on your fans and create new content. However our development has started to require more time and effort than what we expected. For this reason, we’ve decided to freeze the project and restructure its operation.”

Operations on Modetize ceased on January 8th, 2021. There is no announcement on when we can expect to see the platform return or if it will ever return at all, additionally there has not been much controversy over the closure on Twitter with one performer stating they were not surprised to see the closure after having a bad experience with the platform. Mass uploaders are something that could be of great use to the adult industry if created correctly and it is a shame to see a pioneer in this technology close their doors.

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