ManyVids Supports All Creators: MV Crush


ManyVids Promotes Their 90% Payout For MV Crush

Clip site ManyVids made a blog post May, 22nd 2020, reminding they’re models, their platform is MADE for sex workers and their mission is to empower us and know we have a safe place. We can post to MV social without fear of being deleted just for our profession. That being said they are still working on MV social and a lot need to be done, but they are sticking to their word of making a ManyVids sex worker safe place, understandably thought because they are a porn site.

ManyVids Said This:

“We know that sex work is valid and beautiful work, and adult entertainers are some of the most talented, dedicated, and amazing creators. We want sex work normalized and to make sure no one is censored or de-platformed just because of what they do, or for the fact they’re making adult content.”
“We also want to highlight MV Social, our social network that’s fully integrated into ManyVids. It’s the only social media that’s truly welcoming to sex workers and will never shadow ban or delete or lock your account just because you’re an adult creator or because you’re sharing the incredible adult content you’ve produced.”

MV Crush: 90% Payout

They have a promotion going on until October 1st, 2020, you’ll make 90% of all crush earning for the first 12 months after you signed up/started your MV crush. Which at the moment is the highest payout for a Fan club even though it’s just for 12 months. Make what you love doing into a regular revenue stream. ManyVids has a dedicated Support Team that works for you and will quickly act to assist you with any questions or issues 24/7. You can contact them directly at

More Information On ManyVids

Interested in becoming an MV Star? You can either signup here or learn more about the network by checking out the link below. ManyVids is a leading clip site with tons of great features. All genders and sexual orientations are welcome and anyone 18+ can make money performing on the site. In addition to selling clips, also earn from live camming shows, custom content requests, phone sex and messaging apps and through custom store items that can be used to sell a wide range of products and services.