New LoyalFans Feature: Send Locked Content Messages


LoyalFans: Send Locked Messages

LoyalFans, a platform for fanclub subscriptions, has announced a major revamp to their messaging system. LoyalFans influencers are now able to monetize the messaging system by sending locked content directly via the messenger. Here’s all the details on the new feature.

Send Locked Photo, Video and Audio Messages

The new LoyalFans locked content messaging feature supports photo, vidoe and audio files. The max file / message send size is 4 GB.

Full Price Customization

LoyalFans influencers are able to fully customize the price for each locked messages sent. It’s even possible to customize the prices for each individual users, including the ability to let some users chat for free!

More Information On LoyalFans

Ready to get started as a LoyalFans model? You can either signup here or learn more about the platform by checking out the links below. LoyalFans is a platform for premium fanclub subscriptions, locked content, camming, paid messaging and more! Plus take percentage of their referral program to earn an additional 5%!