LiveJasmin launches BimBim with misleading payout claims

LiveJasmin is trying to fool models with the launch of “100% payout” on BimBim

European cam site LiveJasmin has announced the launch of a new platform, BimBim, which it claims pays models “100% and more”. In case you think this smells fishy, let me be clear: BimBim pays out around 29% to performers. Customers pay $5.99 for 1,700 tokens, and models receive $1 for every 1,000 tokens they earn. The company has intentionally used slippery terminology and misleading marketing to make models and studios believe that they can earn up to 110% of revenue.

“I’m thrilled to present BimBim to the world. We are committed to our creators. We streamlined our business model to eliminate extra fees for creators, so anyone who joins BimBim will take home 100% of their earnings.”– Karoly Papp, LiveJasmin CEO and Co-Founder

The key point to note here is “100% of their earnings“. The earnings performers make is their net cut of revenue. What is actually being said here is that there are no payout fees or additional costs taken out of the model’s share of revenue. This statement has been very carefully crafted to conceal that the 100% figure is not the true payout amount. The additional 10% they’ve advertised is from customer referrals. A model therefore will take home approximately 31% of the amount a customer spends when she (the site is only open to female performers) has referred the customer. BimBim is making Streamate look generous! The site even undercuts the notoriously stingy LiveJasmin, where payouts range from 30 to 60%.

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