Lindsey Banks raises $10k for Black Lives Matter, COVID-19 relief

Camgirl Lindsey Banks & BanksieTV partner with Clips4Sale, Pornhub to riase $10,000 for charity

When popular Flirt4Free camgirl Lindsey Banks decided to raise some money for her local food banks in Texas during the coronavirus pandemic, she decided to go big or go home. She began doing a weekly Instagram Live broadcast called “B95 for BanksieTV” and a “Rona Report and Relief Plan” segment where she spotlighted adult industry companies that donated to the cause. Clips4Sale, Pornhub, and We-Vibe partnered with Lindsey and BanksieTV to support the fundraising effort. Over $10,000 was raised and donations were made to Central Texas Food Bank, Barbados Sole to Soul Foundation, South Africa SWEAT Organization, BLM Campaign Zero, and Black Women’s Health Imperative.

We encourage others to support in helping, whether it be by donating, signing petitions, staying home or using your platform and voice. We ended our first segment with performers Sia and Big Sexy and [will soon] start the next segment, where we will catch up with others who have excelled in our industry as top performers and want to give back. From cyber, cancel, pop and porn culture to their everyday life, we will touch on different topics with our next guests as we get to learn more about them and their experiences during a worldwide pandemic gone revolutionary!