Kinkbomb sets payouts at 90% permanently


Kinkbomb scraps Stellar Studio program, raises clip and tribute payouts to 90%

Clip site Kinkbomb, which had previously raised payouts to 100% to help studios cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, has announced that, rather than going back to their base payout rate of 60% on all sales, all studios will receive 90% payout on clip sales and tributes. 90% payout will begin on July 1, 2020.

Stellar Studio payout program ends

The “Stellar Studio” program, which allowed studios to earn up to 75% payout based on tiered sales levels, will no longer be in effect. Every studio, at every earnings level, will automatically qualify for the 90% payout rate.

“Kinkbomb launched 100% payouts in March in response to the COVID19 Pandemic.
Kinkbomb hopes that this emergency program was successful for you and that you were able to take advantage in order to supplement income during these unpredictable times.
Due to the amount of positive feedback we received, we have decided to scrap the previous Stellar Studio program and give ALL studios 90% on clips and tributes!” – Team Kinkbomb

More Information On KinkBomb

Interested in becoming a KinkBomb model? You can either signup here or learn more about the platform by checking out the link below. KinkBomb is an network for selling fetish porn videos. Although the main focus is fetish, vanilla models are welcome as well. In addition to selling pre-recorded clips, also make money from offering custom content as well.
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