JustForFans Adds Scheduling For Model Spotlights


Premium Models Can Schedule JustForFans Spotlights

JustForFans, an adult fanclub platform and clip site, has announced a new feature for JustForFans exclusive models. JustForFans exclusive models can now schedule model spotlight sessions. In order to qualify for the exclusive model status, a JustForFans performer can’t be part of any other fanclub platform (clip sites are still fine). There’s a number of other perks to being an exclusive model as well, including increased percentages.
JFF Exclusive models can use a calendaring page to reserve days where they will be the spotlight model for the day. Exclusive models can choose up to three days at a time, and they must be separated by a week. That way someone can’t take up an entire weekend, for example.

More Information On JustForFans Spotlights

Spotlights are long-form interviews where models can tell users about themselves and pick a couple photos and videos to highlight. They show up on each model’s About Me tab. More importantly, one model per gender is chosen at random each day to be features on the top of the Explore pages and other pages.
The algorithm that chooses who gets highlighted looks at models who have been active recently and then chooses between then randomly. Models always see increased sales when they are in this slot.

More Information On JustForFans

Interested in becoming a JustForFans model? You can either signup here or learn more about JFF by checking out the link below. JustForFans is a platform for selling clips, fanclub subscription, sexting and custom store items. JustForFans has a large male / gay model and customer-base, but is open to all genders and sexual orientations. Anyone 18+ can make money performing on the site.