JustForFans and qrush launch model recommendations for members

Fan clubs take different approach to helping members find more models to subscribe to

Fan club platforms qrush and JustForFans have both launched new features that recommend models to members, albeit in different ways. JustForFans uses AI to recommend models that other members who subscribe to the same models are also following, while qrush has chosen to use a video auto-play feed that they claim is like “adult TikTok”. qrush claims that the shift to this video-only recommended feed has increased subscriptions by 56%, while JustForFans attributes 30-40% of member subscriptions to internal traffic. The JustForFans algorithm also pushes models who have been active in the last 2 weeks, and JFF Exclusive models are at the top of the list.

“AI software development is my background, so it was only a matter of time until I integrated a system similar to the ones I used to build for the Department of Defense and major retail websites into JFF. The results have been stunning. The page is already responsible for a large percentage of new sales per day.” – Dominic Ford, JustForFans founder

“The feed features creator’s videos on autoplay and gives the users the opportunity to scroll through qrush’s amazing content. The autoplay feature is the perfect way for creators’ content to get noticed and gain more paying members. Creators and members love the new look and feel of our Recommended Feed.” – qrush

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