Jenny Blighe announces new cam model documentary project

Jenny Blighe kicks off fundraiser for Netflix Original Series about camming

MFC model and porn star Jenny Blighe has kicked off a fundraiser for her latest project. She won’t just be performing this time, though: Jenny is producing a Netflix Original Series about cam models. As Netflix does not accept unsolicited projects, and Jenny has publicly stated that it will be a Netflix Original, it sounds like the project really has legs.

Documentaries about the adult webcamming industry have typically been created and produced by outsiders, and while the resulting videos might provide some cheap thrills for the mainstream viewer, they are often sensationalized, misleading, or flat-out wrong about the way the industry works. Jenny has said that her series will “be focused on top webcam models who play a huge role in the success of our industry”, and will be “showcasing a few of the top models in our industry, each having their own episode”.
To contribute to Jenny’s $100,000 fundraising campaign for the documentary series, please visit her MFC Share page.