IWantClips Reacts to “Content Curation Event” Backlash

IWantClips makes its new deletion spree slightly more accomodating

Following intense backlash, femdom clip site IWantClips has modified its planned “Content Curation Event“, originally scheduled to launch today (Oct. 1, 2021). The event, which IWantClips claims “is not a budget or storage issue”, will still delete thousands of unsold clips, but will now begin on October 6, 2021, and will give performers 14 days to save their archived content before it is permanently deleted – up from the originally stated 7 days. Additionally, clips will have a 12 month period to sell for the first time, and content that does not sell at least once in its first 12 months will be permanently deleted, without the opportunity for performers to re-upload the content at a later date. Content that has sold at least once will not be removed, regardless of how long ago it sold. Finally, new studios will not have the 12 month rule in place until the beginning of their 2nd year.


More Information On iWantClips

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