iWantClips Encourages Artists to Utilize Coronavirus Trending Terms

Popular Clip Site iWantClips Sends Message to Artists: Coronavirus is trending!

iWantClips sent out an e-mail to their Artists to give them some details on new trending search terms on the site on March 14th, 2020. Due to the stress being caused globally by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) they have noticed an increase in search terms related to the virus, including: isolation, quarantine, and coronavirus. These search terms are trending globally outside of pornographic sites, so it is no surprise that customers are looking for performers that are cashing in on the “trend.”

Is Coronavirus pornography ethical?

Many performers are facing a hard time when approaching the issue of creating “trendy porn” based on current global events due to the fact that many can consider this to be in poor taste. If you plan to create pornography in regards to COVID-19, remember that it makes the most sense to pursue a respectful standpoint on the disease that is globally impacting and unfortunately resulting in the death of many people. It is also important to remember that although the virus originated in Wuhan that viruses can start anywhere in the world and attributing the virus to a specific race is inappropriate. If you are looking for a positive way to join in on the increased search terms while refraining from causing offense, you could try some of the following ideas: my (body part) distracts you during quarantine, long distance quarantine JOI, coronavirus GF or BF makes the best out of isolation, boosting coronavirus immunity with orgasms, etc.

iWantClips sent this message to Artists:

“Dear Artists,
First and foremost, we hope everyone is staying safe during this concerning time and taking proper precautions.
Many fans are working from home and we’ve already seen the following search terms trending:
– isolation
– quarantine
We expect to see these searches increase in the next few weeks. This is a worldwide situation everyone is experiencing together and we can all relate to. Creating content related to these search terms may help provide a nice boost your income. It also has the important benefit of helping fans feel less isolated and lonely.
Stay safe, everyone!
~ The iWantClips Team”

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