Instagram Adds Disabled Account Review Process Feature


Instagram Adding Disabled Account Review Proccess on App

It’s well know that many sex workers and people in the industry get their accounts disabled even without breaking rules (showing nudity, etc.) many just posting what the average celebrity would. Last week the APAG (Adult Performers Actors Guild) announced that Instagram agree to work with them to try to restore performers accounts by filling out a report in Instagrams’ help center. Previously, users had to request an account review through Instagram’s Help Center, a more complicated, time-consuming and less user-friendly process. Instagram announced the change on Tuesday and will roll it out over the next couple of weeks.
Instagram posted yesterday: “[T]he in-app appeal option will automatically appear when you attempt to log in to your disabled account,” “Your username will be pre-populated and you will need to add your full name, e-mail and a reason why you think we may have made a mistake in disabling your account. Finally, tap ‘Request a Review’ to have your disabled account re-reviewed and potentially restored.”