Grooby Launches TGTweet Trans Adult Twitter Directory


Grooby Launches TGTweet

Grooby has announced the launch of advertised as “the first free trans adult twitter directory”. TGTweet is a free platform that allows trans models and people in the trans adult industry to add their Twitter account and basic information to a free directory. The site allows fans to find their favorite stars in a easier way because the task has been proven to be more difficult on Twitter due to recent shadowbans. The site also offers a free reporting service for spoof accounts, harassment and bullying. Grooby also was a sponsor in the TEA Awards 2020.
Company CEO Steven Grooby said: “This idea was born out of my own difficulties in finding our models on Twitter after the shadowban,” “Often a model’s Twitter name can vary wildly from their real names, making it nearly impossible for fans to find them”