Geoblock fails on Mega.Fans, CamWithHer

Geoblocking feature fails on Mega.Fans, CamWithHer

SNR Productions, the company behind sites including Mega.Fans and CamWithHer, has contacted models to inform them that the geoblocking feature on their sites is currently non-operational. The email was sent to models on Sunday, June 7, 2020 and does not specify when the geoblocking feature stopped working, but estimates that it could take up to 2 days to resolve the issue.

Geoblocking is a feature that is common on adult industry sites to protect model privacy. Using geoblocking to restrict who can view your cam stream or video content reduces the chances that your neighbor, friends, or family will stumble across your porn. Our sister site Webcam Startup suggests that models geoblock the location where they currently reside, in addition to locations where they have lived previously, to reduce the chance of being recognized by an acquaintance.