Fundraisers Added to OnlyFans


Fan Club Platform OnlyFans has added a new Fundraiser feature

Popular fan club platform OnlyFans has added a new fundraising feature to models dashboards to allow models to fundraise for “target goals” within a post. The new feature is accessible from the new post part of the model dashboard. It appears as an icon after the calendar, and displays “your target” when it is hovered over. It allows you to set a “target goal” (with a maximum of $1,000 and minimum of $10) and enter up to 4 “preferred options” for subscribers to contribute. You are also able to add photos, videos, or text to the post. It can be queued as well as set to expire.

What can you utilize the new OnlyFans Fundraising feature for?

There are many possibilities for utilizing this new feature, adult friendly fundraising platforms are highly sought after due to the adult industry discriminatory nature of most mainstream crowdfunding platforms.

Exclusive or Special Photo / Video Content

Performers can offer special opportunities to receive exclusive content for donating to the fund, or opt to release it to everyone once the goal is reached. This can work well with content that is “rare” or involves a lot of expenses for props, set up, costumes, toys, etc.

Live Show Goals

The fundraising feature can be utilized towards goals to perform by utilizing the camming feature on OnlyFans. Similarly to token sites, you would agree to perform the actions when the goal is met, but there is an added convenience factor of not needing to be online while trying to reach the goal.

New Technology / Software Upgrades

The feature can be used to encourage subscribers to help you raise money for upgrading the quality of your content.

Medical Fundraisers

Some performers like to give their subscribers the opportunity to donate to medical fundraisers, whether they are cosmetic or health related.

Special Events

Subscribers enjoy receiving content for participating in goals for “special events,” for example: model meet ups where every contributor will receive content from the meet up.

More Information On OnlyFans

Interested in becoming an OnlyFans influencer? You can either signup here or learn more about the platform by checking out the link below. OnlyFans is a high-percentage platform for running a fanclub. OnlyFans builds a residual income through the monthly rebills. The more subscribers you have, the more you earn!